DEI is a hunting license to eliminate conservatives

What you are seeing in the open today is an extension or continuation of the same thing done secretly and with physical violence in the past. Attacks begin in kindergarten or sooner. No capable white child is safe. This is not really about Dems or even woke types. It is coming from an ancient enemy of the West who uses other groups and identities as soldiers to weaken and destabilize the West/ USA. We can see this same enemy risking WW3 in Ukraine, pushing bad vaxxes after probably having done covid. Same enemy controls the White House. Biden is their puppet. The biggest mystery today is who is running the US government? ABN

Pfizer covid vax clinical trials were fraudulent: expert

Experts and journalists in different countries have raised serious concerns over Pfizer’s clinical trials for its COVID vaccine. They charge that the pharmaceutical company dropped subjects who suffered adverse events and used a flawed methodology to arrive at the claim the jab is 95 percent effective. France spoke with French biostatistician Christine Cotton, who published a report on Pfizer’s trials.

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Rabbi Schneerson Education Day declared by Texas Governor and Senate

Education and Sharing Day is a time to pause and reflect on our personal responsibility to provide our young people with a moral education. To teach them the foundations they need to live a life of service and higher purpose.

This was a cause championed by the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the most influential rabbi in modern history. In recognition, Education and Sharing Day is observed annually on his birthday, four days before Passover.

On Tuesday, March 28 a delegation of rabbis representing the 120 Chabad Lubavitch leaders serving the Texas Jewish community throughout the state, visited the Texas Capitol as a bi-partisan group of state leaders recognized Education and Sharing Day to be observed this year on April 2, 2023.