Strong sign of vaccine failure in USA

The Centers for Disease Control reversed course Monday and said it now recommends indoor masks for the vaccinated in all areas of the country where COVID infections are surging. CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky cited unpublished data from recent days suggesting that vaccinated people may be able to spread the Delta variant just as easily as unvaccinated people.

CDC Confirms That Viral Loads In Vaccinated People With Delta May Be Infectious, So Masks Are Necessary

Further down the article the claim is made that the disease is worse in unvaxxed than vaxxed. We’ll see about that. Could be because the vax has already killed the most vulnerable. Whatever the case, all recent data points to covid vacs being failures and at best treatments and not real vaccines. Thus, they cannot be legally mandated. ABN

141 hospitalizations, 43 in ICU and 18 on vents. All but ONE have been vaccinated

141 hospitalizations, 43 in ICU and 18 on vents. All but 1 have been vaccinated. This is serious people. We need hospitals and doctors to look at our inpatient and outpatient treatment protocols. I-MATH+ and AAPS outpatient COVID-19 treatment.

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This is the video linked above by Dr Tyson:

It is madness, evil madness, to not treat these people with the protocols mentioned above. Medical science must not become a bureaucratic dictatorship run by pseudoscientists cheered on by an ignorant and braying press. We already have effective treatments for covid. Many lives already could have been saved. How do we stop this crazy train? This information from Sydney is yet another indication of complete VACCINE FAILURE. ABN

Iceland data shows complete vaccine FAILURE

Pandemic of the unvaccinated lol.

Iceland, where nearly the ENTIRE adult population is fully vaccinated, is setting daily records for new infections, mostly among the vaccinated. Hospitalizations are not up yet. It would be stunning if they don’t rise soon.

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If vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission, there is no scientific reason to mandate them. If maybe they will prevent some deaths in some vulnerable people, those people with honest input from their doctors should decide for themselves to get vaccinated or not. The best immunization against covid is 1) natural immunity in the young and healthy and 2) natural immunity gained by being infected with covid and treated early with effective medications. ABN

America’s Frontline Doctors: WHITE COAT SUMMIT complete video

The entire video of the presentation can be found here.

Many great talks and tons of information. Worth perusing whenever you have time. Posted under “medical science.”

It is important to understand that interfering with the doctor-patient relationship by suppressing and banning some treatments while mandating others undermines the very foundation of Western medical science. When a new disease arises, medical science actually works through a multitude of individual clinicians working with a multitude of patients. Clinicians try different treatments to see what works and then, crucially, share information with other medical practitioners. This is how a reliable body of information is built up. This is how medical science learns how to treat new diseases. Interfering with this all but sacred process is a major act of anti-science, pseudoscience. ABN

J6 Committee Hearing Has The Same Lawfare Producers, Directors and Script Writers as Christine Blasey Ford “Beach Friend” Hearing

What does Laufman showing up at another political pantomime disguised as a hearing tell us?

It tells us the same Lawfare crew is producing, directing and writing the script for democrats again.  The cast of characters, vis-a-vis witnesses, are different; however, the script is exactly the same.  This is what they do.  This is all political theater, written, directed and produced for public consumption. Nothing more.

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“It’s absolutely criminal that anyone in this country still takes the CDC seriously”

It’s absolutely criminal that anyone in this country still takes the CDC seriously when cases in Michigan went down -98.2% after the head of the agency told Michigan to “shut things down” and “reimpose restrictions” in April and they ignored her

They’re a complete and utter joke

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Are covid vax actually therapeutics, in which case no one can be forced to take them?


What if they’re not vaccines?

I don’t mean in the conspiracy sense.


If they’re therapeutics, no one can be forced to take them. Not without an individual court order and finding of incompetency.


They don’t act mechanistically like other vaccines.

They don’t confer lifetime or long-term immunity like nearly all other vaccines.

They don’t appear to reduce transmission significantly like nearly all other vaccines.

3/ At best they reduce disease severity.

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