Arctic Landscapes Hidden For More Than 40,000 Years Are Starting to Emerge

Climate change is pulling back the curtain and exposing an Arctic landscape not seen by the Sun in 40,000 years or more. Baffin Island is a rocky, frozen wonderland, located in the Arctic circle between Greenland and the northern coast of Canada. With its deep fjords and ancient glaciers, it’s the perfect place to study ice age patterns.

Geologist and paleoclimatologist Gifford Miller from University of Colorado Boulder has been travelling here nearly every summer for the past 40 years, and the changes he has uncovered are disturbing.

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Link also contains a good short video. ABN

Rene Girard’s Mimetic Theory & The Scapegoat

Rene Girard, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University, began developing his theories over 40 years ago, while researching the great stories in literature. He wanted to know what made these stories great and he discovered that they had some similarities. He further began to research the rituals and mythologies of primitive people. He noted the same common structural properties in those stories. These similarities in the world’s mythologies and rituals led to the development of his theories of mimesis and the scapegoat mechanism.

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