Covid is a glaring excrudescence of parasitic national and world culture

Covid is an extremely strong signal of national and global rot brought on and furthered by deeply ensconced parasitic subcultures. The origin of the pandemic is a bioweapon, itself a chemical parasite that reproduces in living cells.

The parasites feeding on the covid parasite are those who have benefitted from the global bioweapon attack—Big Pharma, Big Government, captured federal and state agencies, particularly health agencies, cooperating bureaucrats and politicians, billionaires, elites, large stores and businesses, legacy media, hospitals (through parasitic feeding on govt covid payouts), and more.

When covid is over, the parasitic culture it has revealed in the stark light of medical and scientific reality will not be over. It will slither back into the shadows of the agencies and organizations it has fostered and lives within.

If we really want to save our country and the world, we must recognize the horror and massive power of the huge parasite that is feeding on us. It is also in our schools, universities, schoolboards, legal system, virtually all licensed professions, science itself. Proof of this is either the silence of these organizations about covid crimes or their active and sometimes vociferous complicity in them, including but not limited to banning early treatments, banning effective hospital treatments, mandating harmful vaxxes, school closings, lockdowns, falsifying PCR tests, falsifying disease and mortality data, unrelenting fear porn, othering bodily autonomy, censoring and hunting dissenting doctors and scientists, and more.

I mentioned billionaires and the elite as parasites but mean only those who have participated in the parasitism and/or remained silent about it, especially if they are not otherwise normally silent. This category of parasites includes but is not limited to academics, universities, scientific journals, scientists, doctors, celebrities, politicians, intellectuals, influencers, and Big Tech social media that has consistently silenced and deplatformed reasoned debate.

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