The Amish Rejected Covid Vaccines, Lockdowns and Masks — The Result? 30X Less Deaths

Amish communities rejected Covid vaccines, refused to wear masks, and went about their normal daily activities while the rest of America was turned upside-down.

According to the CDC and mainstream media, the Amish were set to suffer from excess death due to Covid. In reality, the exact opposite happened.

The mainstream media will not touch this story because it completely dismantles the entire establishment narrative. It shows that all the COVID interventions were completely unnecessary.

While mainstream America was suffering through lockdowns, school closures and mask-related madness, the Amish returned to normal in May 2020. Read that again.

The Amish achieved herd immunity before the vaccines were even available.

Even if the vaccine worked and was safe, there was simply no reason for them to take the vaccine because 90% had already been infected in 2020. Taking a vaccine after you’ve already got natural immunity is nonsensical and counterproductive. However, in the US, we were told to get the vaccine even if we recovered from COVID. Many people lost their livelihoods if they did not comply.

How did the Amish achieve herd immunity so fast? They did the exact opposite of what the CDC recommended. They did not watch TV, they carried on with their normal lives, they got enough sunlight (vitamin D) and zinc, and they used drugs like ivermectin if they got sick.


Deborah Birx’s ‘Silent Invasion’: a Guide to Destroying America From Within

 Virtually every page of Birx’s monstrosity of a book, Silent Invasion, reads like a how-to guide in subverting a democratic superpower from within, as could only be told through the personal account of someone who was on the front lines doing just that.

Notably, though Birx’s memoir has earned relatively few reviews on Amazon, it’s earned rave reviews from Chinese state media, a feat not shared even by far-more-popular pro-lockdown books such as those by Michael Lewis and Lawrence Wright.


How do the Americans wage economic war against France? — Arnaud Montebourg, former French Minister of Economy explains

Incredible, and maybe even unprecedented, answer by Arnaud Montebourg – former French Minister of Economy – to the question “what method do the Americans use to wage economic warfare against us?”

“They use military tools. First of all, they use all the listening and intelligence systems that they built on after 9/11. They don’t listen to terrorists…well they certainly do and that’s very good…but they listen to foreign companies that compete with theirs.

So it’s very simple, it became clear in 2014 when Snowden revealed that there were 75 million conversations and emails that had been exploited by the NSA on France, on French companies. When Pierucci – a man who should wear the Legion of Honor today because he defended France rather than its interests by agreeing to serve two unjustified years in prison in US jails in the Alstom affair… when Mr. Pierucci was taken into custody in Manhattan by the prosecutors they put under his nose 1 million emails. How did they get 1 million emails? By illegal eavesdropping. 1 million emails: it would have taken a lawyer 3 years to read through them… so he couldn’t defend himself. So those are the military tools.

Second, they have a tool called extraterritorial law. The Americans are using a form of law, which is an imperialist law, which consists in declaring themselves competent for matters which in no way concern them.

Observations show that Antarctic ice shelves GAINED 661 Gt of ice mass over the past decade

Antarctic ice shelves provide buttressing support to the ice sheet, stabilising the flow of grounded ice and its contribution to global sea levels. Over the past 50 years, satellite observations have shown ice shelves collapse, thin, and retreat; however, there are few measurements of the Antarctic-wide change in ice shelf area. Here, we use MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) satellite data to measure the change in ice shelf calving front position and area on 34 ice shelves in Antarctica from 2009 to 2019. Over the last decade, a reduction in the area on the Antarctic Peninsula (6693 km2) and West Antarctica (5563 km2) has been outweighed by area growth in East Antarctica (3532 km2) and the large Ross and Ronne–Filchner ice shelves (14 028 km2). The largest retreat was observed on the Larsen C Ice Shelf, where 5917 km2 of ice was lost during an individual calving event in 2017, and the largest area increase was observed on Ronne Ice Shelf in East Antarctica, where a gradual advance over the past decade (535 km2 yr−1) led to a 5889 km2 area gain from 2009 to 2019. Overall, the Antarctic ice shelf area has grown by 5305 km2 since 2009, with 18 ice shelves retreating and 16 larger shelves growing in area. Our observations show that Antarctic ice shelves gained 661 Gt of ice mass over the past decade, whereas the steady-state approach would estimate substantial ice loss over the same period, demonstrating the importance of using time-variable calving flux observations to measure change.

Change in Antarctic ice shelf area from 2009 to 2019

Are the Chinese ‘illegal migrants’ from Xi Jinping’s special force ‘Jungle Tiger’?

Google (YouTube) Changes Position and Will Now Permit Content that Challenges 2020 Election Results

Boy, is there ever a loaded dump truck of potential discussion points in this subject area.

First, Google via YouTube is reversing its position and allowing content that challenges the results of the 2020 election.

[Per Axios] “In a reversal of its election integrity policy, YouTube will leave up content that says fraud, errors or glitches occurred in the 2020 presidential election and other U.S. elections, the company confirmed to Axios Friday.”

After removing “tens of thousands of videos” (their admission) previously containing content that challenged the 2020 election results, suddenly that conversation is permitted.

Two years, tens of thousands of video removals, and one election cycle later, we recognized it was time to reevaluate the effects of this policy in today’s changed landscape,” YouTube said in a statement.

So, according to the script, the “threat to democracy” has suddenly diminished as the 2024 election cycle starts to become a topic of increased discussion? Yeah, right.

I read this Google change two ways: (1) This reads like a “mission accomplished and we don’t need this anymore” kind of policy switch; and (2) There’s that probability of Donald Trump winning the 2024 election and they need to be able to question election results again.

Google and DHS are simpatico, which is to say the psychological use of the intelligence apparatus to manipulate public opinion is about to swing back into high gear. Only this time there are even more minds with immunity from the DHS control virus, and things could get very sketchy from a perspective of social cohesion.


FLASHBACK to 11/30/22: Elonathan Greenmusk plays word game

I hope Musk does well by the world’s people by truly allowing free speech on Twitter. If he means the above, he won’t. Freedom of speech without freedom of reach is not free speech, it is censorship. It’s a word game that conceals a vile intent. ABN (first posted )

UPDATE: At best Musk’s free-speech absolutism is true but also impossible (for him) due to the economics of Twitter and all social media, including Big Media/MSM. At worst, it was never true and/or he fears for his life and welfare if he defies his control masters. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle and our nation (and all of the West) is trapped in a circle of money-lies-bribes-blackmail-taxes-corruption-election theft-censorship-propaganda-more lies-money-blackmail-etc. At bottom this circle is ruled by money-blackmail-and lies, especially lies. Notice that covid and covid vaxxes would have gone nowhere without the lies. Ditto Ukraine War, election theft, climate change, and so on. I think we can have some compassion for Musk as the pressure must be enormous. Everyone else has folded. Truth today is like cracks of light you can find only in obscure corners of the Internet or with a select few amazing & wonderful people. ABN

‘The virus wasn’t a deadly threat to everyone, only to the elderly with comorbidities.’

I’m not saying any of this in hindsight. This information was available AT THE TIME.

Yesterday I pointed out that there is no UK “Conspiracy Movement”; rather there are a lot of individuals seeking out alternative news sources because they have noticed that almost everything the mainstream media had told them about the pandemic for the last 3 years has turned out to be false. And I listed a few examples and promised to provide evidence to back them up.

So here is part 1 of the evidence.

“The virus wasn’t a deadly threat to everyone, only to the elderly with comorbidities”

Attached are the results from a study by the most cited epidemiologist in the world, Professor John Ioannidis of Stanford University. In spring and summer 2020 he monitored studies of COVID mortality and seroprevalence (measurement of the extent of spread of antibodies against COVID19 which demonstrated exposure to the disease) to calculate an average Infection Fatality Rate for COVID-19. This is the number of people infected with a disease who go on to sadly die from it, expressed as a ratio. He calculated an overall figure for all age groups, and one for the under 70s. For the under 70s, the median IFR was 0.05%, or 1 in every 2000 people infected. For comparison, the IFR of seasonal influenza for all age groups is around 1 in every 1,000 people infected.


Here is Ioannidis in March of 2020: Best discussion I have seen on the coronavirus: Interview with Dr John Ioannidis. Note what happened to that vid. At that time, Ioannidis was a major source for my sense of how to behave and how dangerous the virus really was (not). He is not the only person I relied on for objective analysis of real data. But he was right as were others. It is difficult to imagine any other conclusion from covid but that it was a planned, deliberate ruse to steal an election, force vaxxes, economic collapse, CBDC, and more. ABN