FLASHBACK: Resident Biden sometime in December 2021

Intelligence community, one million doctors, election officials, Resident Biden, his handlers, a feckless Congress that pursues only own wealth, all liars and thieves, they have taken us to our lowest point as a nation. Yes, a few are good but these organizations are all rotten and bringing about our ruination. The cause is 70 years of narcissists mentoring mediocre underlings who do not threaten them. The even deeper cause is an all but invisible enemy who has promoted our downfall through asymmetric warfare. ABN

Col Douglas MacGregor: “We’re in the final phase of this war”; also expresses concern that when US has to face blatant falsity of months of their own propaganda, they may lash out in fear and panic

This short segment is from a couple of days ago, but still worth watching. MacGregor knows full well that the Western elite is not going to take defeat honorably. My sense is we are already pivoting into their manufactured economic crash, which will be blamed on Putin and also used to conceal lies about Ukraine, Hunter, covid, covid maltreatment, corruption, election fraud, and our senile resident in chief. ABN

Preprogramming the world to accept biometric slavery; a classic mind-control technique that tells you what is going to happen, thereby causing many to believe it is inevitable

WEF Speaker Yuval Noah Harari: “Covid is critical, because this is what convinces people to accept, to legitimize total biometric surveillance…. The next phase is the surveillance going under our skin…. We are really acquiring divine powers”

Originally tweeted by FMnews (@FMnews_) on April 16, 2022.

Covid itself was preprogrammed as were covid vaccines as the only way to treat covid. Mass covid fear and panic were preprogrammed in movies and talks by a famous billionaire and others. Nuclear war is being preprogrammed right now. Nukes will fly if the WEF bitches are genuinely threatened with full exposure and total defeat. They epitomize KOBK game theory. For them, this is a zero-sum game. It’s kill-or-be-killed. There is no other game. That is what we are up against. ABN

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Dr Robert Malone on WEF: “It’s time to fight. Or your children are going to live in technofascism for the rest of their natural lives as serfs”

Dr. Malone Wants Names: It's Time to Start Doxing the World Economic Forum

“We need to out these people. I mean, [the term that is used] is doxing. As far as I’m concerned with these folks, doxing is good; let’s go get them.”

Originally tweeted by The Censored Fox 🦊 (@censoredfox) on April 4, 2022.

“Residents in Shanghai screaming from high rise apartments after 7 straight days of the city lockdown”

Residents in #Shanghai screaming from high rise apartments after 7 straight days of the city lockdown. The narrator worries that there will be major problems. (in Shanghainese dialect—he predicts people can’t hold out much longer—he implies tragedy).

2) “yao ming le” & “yao si” — both expressions meaning “life and death” but they also more literally means “asking for death”. Narrator eventually implies shit is gonna hit the fan soon if this continues.

[The lockdowns are real, the cries are real. But overall, I suspect this is CCP “performance art” similar to what we saw coming from Wuhan in early 2020. It is a kind of “naturally occurring” propaganda designed to frighten and influence the West in the way the Wuhan videos of violent lockdowns and people collapsing in the street did two years ago. China surely knows that zero covid is not possible, Even if the whole world locked down for two months, covid would not be eradicated. Other reasons for them to be doing this are it affords China a plausible excuse to further disrupt Western supply lines while also providing a kind of lurid “proof” that the CCP did not deliberately release the original Wuhan variant that poisoned the world. Moreover, it never hurts to discipline your own people and send a message to the Shanghai faction of the CCP. ABN]

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Dr Peter McCullough on covid vaccine harm

According to McCullough, only about 500 American doctors have dared to speak up about covid malpractice and vaccine injury. That’s 500 out of 1,000,000. Similar massive failures of courage and integrity can be seen in journalism, education, politics, law, and even science, even the hard sciences. These are the features of a society in steep decline, a society that has been infiltrated and taken over by a vicious, uncompromising enemy. An enemy that has fought a ferocious multigenerational asymmetric war against USA since the end of WW2. ABN

3%-4% of Catholic priest were involved in child sex abuse. ~10% of public school teachers were as well. Compare those egregious figure with ~99% of American doctors lied about covid or remained silent while others lied or never did the research needed to understand covid

The doctors were first victims of infiltration and takeover of their medical boards, educational institutions, and government agencies. To speak up or not lie might cause loss of license. For doctors to not even research covid avoids these problems while also affording them immoral ignorance and immoral presumption of ethical decency.

Corruption, misbehavior, human weakness are generally endemic in human institutions as we can see with the abuse of children in churches, schools, Boy Scouts, and more. But only asymmetric warfare can explain what happened to our medical professionals. Their fears were real, their reactions preprogrammed. Over the years they have been selected for aversion to independent thinking, honesty, moral rectitude. The result was hundreds of thousands of Americans died needlessly due to non-treatment and maltreatment.

Consider how serious this is and was. Then consider how the medical profession was taken over, by what forces and for what reasons. This is a glaring, obvious example of how and why USA is in precipitous decline and getting worse every day. Virtually all of our institutions have been similarly infiltrated and are now controlled by nefarious actors, enemy forces. ABN

AUSTRALIA: 10 yr old girl assigned “homework” to query her father about his erections and ejaculations

The point of this is to destroy Western civilization. This is one prong of an asymmetric war of societal disruption, psychological manipulation of children. It’s not fundamentally about sexuality. Until we as a people realize that this is a war, we will continue losing. There is no culture on earth that cannot be easily disrupted and torn to pieces in this way. All societies must have clear boundaries, nearly all of which will be somewhat fuzzy. Our enemies exploit the fuzzy boundaries in law and reason to push their agenda—total destruction of Western civilization. We will not win by appeasing this infamy. ABN

China paves the way for its first military foothold in the South Pacific as it agrees security pact with the Solomon Islands – sparking fears in Australia and US

Secret alliance will allow Beijing to put warships within 1,000 miles of Australia 

Chinese armed police and military personnel will station on Oceania islands

In return Beijing will protect the Solomon Islands’ government if requested

Key shipping route between United States and Australia can also be blocked

Leader of Micronesia islands sent plea to end ‘grave and unprecedented’ pact


FLASHBACK 2011: “The goal is not to completely subjugate Afghanistan. The goal is to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and EU through Afghanistan and back into the hands of the transnational security elite. The goal is to have an endless war…”

Notice that the endless war in Afghanistan was replaced almost immediately by what may become the endless proxy war in Ukraine, with ample room for mission creep. Compare Julian Assange to Joe Biden and how our society assess and rewards them. Shows how far off we are, how profoundly lost we are. The senile serial crook is president while the brave journalist is dying in prison. ABN