How good institutions are turned into bad ones

Catholic Diocese in Connecticut is filing for bankruptcy with 60 pending sexual abuse lawsuits. One thing you should realize, if you are reading this a century hence and this cycle is repeating, is that once an intel operation gains a foothold, it inverts everything it targets, and eventually it targets everything. so essentially, it penetrates all of the obviously good and turns it bad. Organizations designed to fight corruption become organizations designed to discover who opposes corruption so they may be defeated and corruption may survive. National security organizations become devoted to the destruction of national security, and intelligence organizations end up actually working for the enemy. Counter-intelligence organizations end up becoming intelligence agencies devoted to treason. Crime-fighting organizations become crime-protecting organizations. Child-protection organizations become fronts for child trafficking and abuse. Your neighbor becomes the asset trying to help the machine get one-up on you. Because intelligence infiltrates that which would oppose its evil and turns those organizations to its end, it is a natural state for everything the masses think about the world to become actually a direct inversion of the truth. And you will look positively insane of you try to explain how it is to them.


“Intel operations” in the above should not be understood to mean only governmental organizations. It includes also many foreign and secret organizations and subgroups within larger ones that work against originally stated ideals. This is how all Western high-ground (academia, MSM, Big Tech, law, DC, and more) has been lost to the invaders, subverted from within. ABN

Australian politician Craig Kelly MP drops massive Covid-19 Truth Bomb

Australian politician Craig Kelly MP drops some massive Covid-19 Truth Bombs. This is what risking it all looks like.. Craig has been banned by Facebook, listen as he hammers home some cold hard peer reviewed facts. ABSOLUTELY EPIC 🔥🔥🔥

Craig Kelly MP @CraigKellyMP PT2

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So late in the game for people to be learning this information. If Big Gov really wanted “herd immunity” they would use every reasonable method to achieve it, ivermectin being a major one of those methods. Instead, they lie about this treatment while coercing exclusive use of an experimental “vaccine.” Instead of offering hope and a variety of valid treatments for covid (ivermectin is not the only one), they actively promote fear-based “herd conformity” rather than the “herd immunity” they claim to want. ABN

Excellent example of anti-science coming from medical “researchers”

In a (propaganda) article on “vaccine hesitancy,” the following comments were prominently featured. These comments were made by the coauthors of the study: Young Adult Perspectives on COVID-19 Vaccinations.

“There are many more side effects of the COVID long-haul symptoms that people have from the infection than there are from the side effects of getting the vaccine,” Adams said.

Dr. Jason Nagata is a co-author of the study and a pediatrician in San Francisco.

“One thing I’ve seen as a doctor is young people have really been affected the most by mental health issues during the pandemic due to social isolation and in order to reverse that, they really need to get vaccinated so they can go back to their normal routines,” Nagata said.

Here are some of the most common reasons behind COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

The reasoning stated above is almost obscenely anti-scientific. I might leave it alone if the study conducted by these two extremely biased “researchers” did not echo precisely the same bias. From the study:

With 24% of young adults hesitant to accept a COVID-19 vaccine, public health interventions should target reasons for hesitancy, address concerns about safety and side effects, and underscore the importance of vaccinations for this population.

Young Adult Perspectives on COVID-19 Vaccinations

See many other posts on this site for detailed explanations of why these “researchers” are so extremely bad at their jobs. I do not enjoy criticizing others but the stakes today in USA are so high on this issue and others that we must lash back at dishonest and stupid “scientists” who fail to even try to see the whole picture. ABN

Complete internet censorship is already a done deal

Complete internet censorship is already a done deal. There is no chance whatsoever that anyone interesting will be allowed to remain on the current open internet. In the not too distant future, the methods that were used against me will be used against other people who have tried to start their own websites.

To be 100% clear: there is no legal difference between denying someone the ability to run their own “.com” website and banning them from Twitter. It is the same thing: private companies that collude together to control an entire industry are allowed to deny service to anyone they wish.

What’s more, Cloudflare as a CDN monopoly could start banning people on a larger scale, and make it prohibitively expensive for most people to run their websites.

Notes on Nick Fuentes’ Twitter Ban and the Future of the Totalitarian-Libertarian State

UPDATE: The NSA Leaked Details of Their Tucker Carlson Surveillance to Allied Deep State Media

This is a great example of how the Intelligence Branch of the U.S. government now operates.  Not only did the NSA conduct surveillance of Tucker Carlson’s electronic communication, but the NSA also leaked Carlson’s emails to allied intelligence media (Axios, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post) who operate as PR firms on behalf of the Intelligence Branch.

Watch this Tucker Carlson interview with Maria Bartiromo this morning:

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This is a good piece, well-worth reading. But the Tucker saga is just a small piece of what has been happening nation-wide for decades. And it’s not just NSA that spies. I don’t feel like saying anymore this morning… ABN

Anti-science push for FDA “approval” of covid vax

Posted under “mind control.” Recognize it when you see it and call it by name. ABN

1/8 HUGE INFLUENCER PUSH AGAINST SCIENCE. Goal? To have FDA approve vaccine without data.
How: The mass ongoing Experimental trial would end ( The FDA's mandate that 24 months of adverse event evidence be collected for approval would be dropped. WORSE..

A push to approve vaccines without data

2/8 Life-altering adverse events like auto-immune disorders, fertility issues ramping up now or medium-short term (1y) wouldn’t be detected. Removing a control group (the unvaccinated) is dangerous for the vaccinated. Did they think of this? No mentions..ITS OPINION..

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Chinese covid videos all but prove massive psychological operation

This is the best collection I have seen of these psyop videos. Most readers will remember many of these clips. Is there any other explanation for them than they are a staged covid psychological operation designed to frighten and fool the West and world into copying China’s strict lockdown policies, thus ruining USA and Western economies? Could any response to covid have been worse than what we did? The US/Western response was so bad in fact, we are forced to suspect at least some major Western actors were knowingly colluding with China to maximize covid harm in order to to remove Trump from office and seize power for themselves. These videos vividly frame the societal setup for election fraud, the ruination of small businesses (predominantly owned by Trump supporters and conservatives) leading to the greatest transfer of wealth from common citizens to the ruling elite in history. Be sure to click on these Tweets to view many more examples. In my view, these videos prove Chinese guilt for releasing covid or at least using covid as a bioweapon and sadly that there must have been significant Western collusion and preplanning at at least quasi-governmental levels. ABN


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Experts sound alarm over American media’s celebratory tone of Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year anniversary

The fawning coverage of the CCP, which has been responsible for countless human rights abuses and killings, is the latest in a pattern of liberal media and tech giants using power and platforms to shape narratives that paint China in a positive light while suppressing information like the coronavirus lab-leak theory and downplaying brutal treatment of Uighur Muslims. 

“I think it’s because a lot of news organizations want to do business in China, and so they are willing to soft-pedal coverage and they are not willing to give context where context is required,” author Gordon Chang told Fox News. “I think there’s the commercial motive there.”


Extremely strong arguments that covid19 is a “gain of function” laboratory production

Dr Quay strongly argues as well that covid 19 came from the Wuhan Biolab in China.

I do not in any way want to detract from this testimony, which is scientifically conclusive that covid is manmade. But I do want to point out that 1) while it is clearly most likely that covid19 originated in China, 2) it is still possible it originated in USA or elsewhere. Another point worth making is we have had very good evidence beginning with an Indian paper from January 2020 that covid19 is manmade. Since that time, more evidence has come out showing covid19 comes from a lab. Throughout that entire period of well over a year, any mention of those facts on most Big Tech platforms in USA has been punished with banishment, suspensions, or really fucking stupid “fact-checks” or links to the CDC information that is being questioned. This is especially galling since CDC and its ilk have been wrong on so many aspects of covid19, including their own role in GOF research and funding the Wuhan lab.

Beyond that, Americans are similarly discouraged from and even punished for discussing election fraud, the pseudoscience of lockdowns, masks, stay-at-home orders, the dangers of covid vaccines,, the politicization of our response to covid19, its role in election fraud, and so forth. I want to emphasize that it is not China that is forcing this totalitarian silence on us. It is our own powers-that-be, principally DC, Dems, RINOs, MSM, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Government agencies. ABN