Docs show Facebook and Twitter closely collaborating w/ Dept of Homeland Security, FBI to police “disinfo.” Plans to expand censorship on topics like withdrawal from Afghanistan, origins of COVID, info that undermines trust in financial institutions

Docs show Facebook and Twitter closely collaborating w/ Dept of Homeland Security, FBI to police “disinfo.” Plans to expand censorship on topics like withdrawal from Afghanistan, origins of COVID, info that undermines trust in financial institutions.

FBI agent Laura Dehmlow was in communications w Facebook that led to the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020 over the false allegation that it was “disinfo.” This year, she met w/ Twitter/DHS to stress “we need a media infrastructure that is held accountable.”

Facebook and Twitter created special portals for the government to rapidly request takedowns of content. The portals, along with NGO partners used to censor a wide range of content, including obvious parody accounts and content disagreeing w gov pandemic policy.

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Foreign investors are pulling out: China’s economy is looking bleak as power is firmly consolidated at the top

Xi is driven by KOBK game theory rules as he understands and lives them. He has “killed,” or disempowered, all of his rivals but new rivals and new alliances will surely form against him. The population is well-cowed but a bad economy and continued restrictions will erode Xi’s hold over them. War will marshal a kind of unity for a time but for how long? As China’ economy declines, war with Taiwan becomes more likely because there will be increasingly less for Xi to lose and more for him to gain by it. ABN

Nightmare from EU; Cabal strikes back

Earlier this month, the European Union approved legislation aimed at regulating social media platforms: the Digital Services Act. The law will take effect in 2024, in time for the next U.S. presidential elections, and promises big shifts in how online speech is refereed not just in Europe, but also here at home. The law, among other requirements, places substantial content moderation expectations on large social media firms—many based in the U.S.—which include limiting false information, hate speech, and extremism.

It’s not clear how social media firms will adapt to the law, but the fines they will face for failing to comply will be massive. Firms can be fined up to six percent of their annual revenue—that’s $11 billion for Google and $7 billion for Meta. Essentially, the EU has created a significant new legal incentive for firms to regulate expression on their platforms.

The law, while written to protect EU residents, will almost certainly lead social media firms to change their moderation policies worldwide. Thus, with the DSA, the EU will effectively be doing what the First Amendment ostensibly prohibits our own government from doing: regulating the editorial judgments made by social media platforms on which Americans communicate with each other.


Whistleblower Releases Internal FBI Guidance Document Highlighting Disinformation as an Election Crime

The dissidents at Project Veritas have received leaked whistleblower information from the FBI highlighting a guidance document that puts “disinformation” into the category of an “election crime.” [Source Article Here]   According to the internal guidance, sharing “false or inaccurate information intended to mislead others” may lead the FBI to charge people with election crimes.

[WASHINGTON, D.C. – Oct. 27, 2022] Project Veritas published a newly leaked document today provided by an FBI whistleblower.

The document details how the Bureau will tackle what they consider to be “election crimes.”

It lists “misinformation” as a potential election crime, describing it as “false or misleading information spread mistakenly or unintentionally.”


Three years of covid has shown conclusively that free speech is better than “curated” speech. The FBI itself is guilty of some of the worst misinformation in US history. Governments are political and corrupt and can never be trusted, especially when they get as big and captured as ours. Free speech allows all voices. Compare government-regulated covid speech, which even censors doctors, to the free speech of those of us who worked around the censorship to speak the truth. ABN

Latest video showing Hu Jintao’s expulsion from the 20th National Congress of the CCP

The video at this link shows Xi Jinping and others wrangling with Hu Jintao over a speech he is not being allowed to make. I cannot clearly hear what they are saying, but a video on the linked page has subtitles that show they are wrangling a bit and Xi is demanding Hu be taken to the rest area. I do not want to get too far into the weeds over this but below is a photo of Hu’s glasses with his banned speech with Xi Jinping’s head in the foreground. Hu reportedly has very bad vision so this further prevented him from resisting. ABN

The REAL STORY of 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China: Miles Guo

Xi Jinping gave Hu Jintao a list of the new Standing Committee members that did not match the list of people who were supposed to be on it. All of them had been replaced by Xi’s army! ! Hu Jintao was kidnapped by “deception” and escorted from the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and then taken directly to the Jingxi Hotel to be imprisoned. At the same time, more than 70 members of Hu’s family were ordered to be arrested and detained. Now all voices are blocked on the entire [Chinese] internet!

[This is a translation from the original Chinese, which can be found at the link below. The video is also translated and contains more information. ABN]

Straight up KOBK move by Xi. Nothing left to chance. Zero-sum. Done in public for the world to see. In China, this is an extremely strong signal. Outside of China, it remains to be seen how Xi will act and how the world will react. ABN

UPDATE: Here is a much better version of the video above, which has been speeded up. ABN

Xi Jinping tightens his grip on China: President secures historic third five-year term ensuring he is the most powerful ruler since Chairman Mao – and surrounds himself with loyalists

President Xi Jinping has tightened his grip on power in China after being given a historic third term as head of its ruling Communist Party.

The 69-year-old will lead the world’s most populous nation for another five years after he was confirmed as General Secretary once more at today’s televised Communist Party Congress.

In the process he promoted allies who support his vision of tighter control over society and the struggling economy, as he discarded party custom that has seen previous leaders leave after 10 years in power.

Mr Xi, who took power in 2012, is now expected by some to try and stay in power for life as he becomes the most powerful ruler since Mao Zedong.

It comes a day after remarkable scenes which saw his immediate predecessor Hu Jintao apparently forcibly removed from his seat by guards and his name removed from social media.


The danger of having a KOBK king and of being one

Takeaway from new top leadership of China's Communist Party? Loyalty to Xi matters above all else.

And only one man's opinion matters in China: Xi's

Originally tweeted by Selina Wang (@selinawangtv) on October 23, 2022.

Xi has become the ultimate KOBK King of China. In ruthless intraparty fighting within the CCP he has “killed” (disempowered or literally killed) all possible rivals, for now. The grim rules of KOBK are zero-sum and also even when one party wins, the game is never over. I largely disagree with comparing Putin to XI as there is little resemblance. The nameless cabal that now rules the West can be more aptly compared to Xi. Our cabal has not done massive quarantine camps and lockdowns as Xi has, but it has done lockdowns and it is quarantining people and information while also treating its enemies to ruthless KOBK searches and arrests. Far too many Westerners may as well be in a prison camp due to their fear of saying or doing the wrong thing, of appearing different or not agreeing with the consensus. ABN

What we just saw was the making of an All Xi’s Men team, the breaking of decade-long rules, and the birth of an unlimited supreme leader

What we just saw was the making of an All Xi’s Men team, the breaking of decade-long rules, and the birth of an unlimited supreme leader. These are not entirely surprising, but Xi’s grab of power is still beyond our expectation. He is now a truly modern emperor. 1/

Xi will rule China for not one but at least two and likely three terms (15 years). He is "only" 69 year old: Mao ruled China until his death at 83 and Deng kept CMC Chair until 1989 when he was 85. So don't expect Xi to retire before 2037. Xi's power apex just started, today. 2/

No successor. Xi is too "young" to pick up a successor. His ministers have no interest in suggesting one. Potential candidates dare not imply it. Xi's future successor is now a nobody (who is not even in the Central Committee this time). Succession may not be an issue in 2027. 3/

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If anyone thinks Hu Jintao was not being expelled, watch this closeup video

If anyone thinks Hu is being led out because he is ill, this video should dispel that idea. Note that Xi waited until just after international press were admitted to the hall to expel Hu. Notice also, the man to the right of Hu starts to stand to intervene or do something but the man to his right pulls on his coat to get him to sit back down. The man who stands is Li Zhanshu, a Xi ally. The man who sits him back down is Wang Huning, who is an advisor to Xi Jinping. Notice that after Li sits back down Wang puts his hands on the table and signals Li to do the same. Kicking Hu Jintao out was a strong power display by Xi and a signal to the world. The video will be censored in China but that will only make it go more viral. It is also a strong signal to everyone in China. Scroll down this page to see a longer version of this incident. ABN