The situation in Ukraine

The following is an email from a friend who has extensive contact with and knowledge about Ukraine. It is a response to my asking him what he thinks is going on. His reply is excellent, so I am sharing it. ABN

Russia is using American tactics back against them as far as the same tactics used in the Arab spring etc. now being used in east Ukraine.  Although many know this in the West they can’t state it outright because it shines a light on everything wicked they’ve been doing too.

There is certainly Russian involvement but nothing so direct as artillery and tank support.  It’s completely unnecessary for the Russians to do this as it will also discredit the soon to come Ukrainian government that will be made up of the Nova-Russian forces.   You can see some of this in the recent stepping down of the Donetsk Republic President which happened right after the president made the mistake of saying he will allow Dutch military to open a cease fire region in the middle of the most contested territory.  Word was the old president was recalled to Moscow – but the error was quickly remedied with his exit.

If you hear or see stories about the rebel forces taking Karkiv, the war is all but over with Kiev losing.   This is imminent.  Ukraine has no army left, no money, no weapons, no way to really get them in time. And with Russian friendly people seeded throughout the government, even when they try to move, funds will go missing, things won’t get to where they should etc.  Now there are big real protests in Kiev by all the mothers and wives that have had their men conscripted.  The right sector, humiliated and kicked out of government now that they’ve been used, is also turning back on the government.

State department just issued warning for Americans to leave all south Ukraine – all the way to Odessa.  Also looks like they are prepping a try at Transnistria.  They are posting signs and such about watching out for Transnistrian terrorists all over Odessa and they built a trench across the entire Transnistrian border.

But the U.S. has really already lost.  It is why the lies are getting even more outrageous.  The defeat is amazing as it is all coming apart across the globe. France and Germany are in almost open revolt.  Just google or youtube Angela Merkel being heckled – this happens wherever she goes now.   If Germany pulls out of EU or NATO- that’s the end of the New World Order.  The Erodan Government in Turkey is in open defiance.  Also did you see the recent news the UAE and Egypt started flying bombing runs over Libya without so much as consult with Washington.  All this and China hasn’t even played it’s hand or even a single card yet.

Because Washington has been so totally humiliated, the scariest part of it all is that there is increased chance that it will just be a sore loser and kick the table over by launching a nuclear strike.

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