Situation in Ukraine

Below is an email from a friend who is well-informed on Ukraine. I get more out of his emails than I do from most news sources. If you want a quick update on what is happening, read on…ABN

Russia has a large vested interest in keeping the rest of Ukraine together, which will only happen as a federalized state with the East having autonomy, similar to Ossetia and Georgia. The Russians’ reason for this are same as they always have been in that they need the east to balance out the rest of Ukraine. There is a lot on the net about this. Although this is needed less and less as the Right Sector becomes more desperate and thus brutal and separates itself out of the population.

Also the U.S. strategy now is just to create a completely failed state and wreak as much havoc as they can as they have no hope of getting their way now. In some ways this is much more dangerous—they may stage a second Chernobyl etc. There is no way out for Kiev now. The whole country, even those in the Galician region are protesting being conscripted etc. That this is still going on at gunpoint is quite the opposite of winning hearts and minds. The right sector has been completely illegitimized as they show only a face of complete brutality. They are bleeding their soldiers and guns; once these are gone the government will collapse.

The word is that Auschwitz without Putin attending has been a diplomatic debacle as the people were aware the Ukrainian representative that took the place of the liberating soviets was Nazi believer.  Also that Poland despite it’s own animosity to Russia can easily see the crazies the U.S. installed are way worse and not people you want at the border.
It looks right now like both Turkey and Greece will be realigning to the Russian sphere.  Also Serbia is on the verge of exploding again and the U.S. is looking to color revolution Hungary for defiance and looking out for it’s own self interest.

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