On Donald Trump

I love outsiders, different viewpoints, personal liberty, end-runs, and anything at all that rocks the American media-political boat, which is even worse than Gore Vidal’s “sinking ship” because it is even more boring.

Ilana Mercer’s essay, Trump Should Triangulate, says much of what I would say about Trump, though I would add a simplification: I honestly hate almost all American politicians. They have sold this country down the river and I hate them for that and for their sleaze. To me, that is the basic reason people like Trump.

Naturally, I am a good Buddhist so I hate their sins and not them. But I hate the news media for the same reasons and with similar qualifications and I know I am not alone in this.

As a good Buddhist I also know that the US political scene is no different than the world political scene and I do appreciate how easy it is to understand the First Noble Truth from watching the sleaze-mongers slime all over each other as they prey upon the public, so I am sort of grateful for the entire mess as well, in some ways.

Edit 8/12/15: Trump is continuing to expose the game of pay-to-play politics in Washington. And the power centers that benefit from that game are going after him for it. Let’s see what happens next. Ron Paul was destroyed by those power centers. Notice, though, that Paul did vow not to run as an independent, a major bargaining chip Trump has not surrendered. Trump showed a lot of savvy by keeping that chip. He remains an interesting candidate in what is otherwise always a super-boring “contest” for the presidency.

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