It’s the beginning of the end of Europe

This opinion piece by Noah Klieger published in Israel’s Ynetnews is worth reading. His points are strongly and briefly stated and well worth considering.

The Europeans are failing to realize that Muslim refugees will lead to the complete disappearance of their countries’ tradition, culture and progress and to the establishment of an Islamic rule across the entire continent. (Source)

I myself am dismayed at Merkel’s encouraging more migrants to come to Germany (and then asking other European states to share the problem). Hers is a moralistic position that vainly encourages migration while neglecting the points Klieger makes.

The kinder and morally sounder option for Merkel and other European politicians would be to discourage the migrants and spend money helping them in Turkey and other parts of the Middle East (where a Euro will also buy much more than in Europe).

Hungary and other former Soviet-block countries that don’t want to accept the migrants have very recent memories of losing control of their nations and cultures to alien peoples and ideologies and they don’t want to do it again.

The highest virtue in Buddhism is always wisdom. Wise compassion does not mean destroying your society in the name of “helping” others. It means caring for your society while doing what you can to help others without bringing greater harm to yourself.

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