White identity

I see nothing wrong with White identity or White identity groups, especially defensive identity groups that want to conserve and promote the values and culture of White people, who can be defined as people of predominantly European extraction.

I have lived abroad long enough and studied enough other cultures to know that every one of them encourages identifying with its own cultural beliefs and values.

In the USA, virtually every racial and ethnic group has organizations that support and advocate for their interests. The same is true on American college campuses, unless the group is concerned with White identity and interests.

Here is a quote from an article I just read about a student group that is being prevented from organizing on campuses in South Carolina and Canada:

If the Civil Rights Movement of the fifties and sixties intended to swing the pendulum of “opportunity” and “rights” towards a more balanced center, then the ironic result is that it has now swung through neutral and clear to the other side.  It is blatantly obvious that every group of students has been encouraged to embrace their ethnicity, their heritage, their culture, their values, i.e. their identity on campuses nationwide — save one: Whites. And this makes it more and more apparent that perhaps fairness, equal rights and true meritocracy were never the real objective in these last sixty years, but rather a more duplicitous form of vengeance. In essence, the “System” has convinced most minorities and even White people themselves that European-Americans are to be blamed for everything wrong in this world. (Free Speech On Campus, Student Organizations And Our Future)

If all other races and ethnicities organize, but you don’t you are stupid. A congeries of individuals can never beat an organized group, let alone many organized groups.

Real morality requires taking care of yourself as well as others. You can’t fudge that and take care only of others because before long you will be destroyed if you do.

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