One thought on “Buddha power

  1. Carved into the cliffs above the Dachuan River, thee Mogao Caves south-east of the
    Dunhuang oasis, Gansu Province, comprise the largest, most richly endowed, and longest uswed treasure houjse of Buddhist art iin the world.

    It was first constructed in 366AD and rrpresents
    the great achievement of Buddhist art from the 4th to the 14th
    century. 492 cawves are presently preserved, housing
    about 45,000 square meters of murals and more than 2,000 painted sculptures.
    Cave 302 of the Sui dynasty contains one of the oldest andd
    most vivid scenes of cultural exchanges along the Silk Road,
    depicting a camel pulling a cat typical of trad missions of that period.

    Caves 23 and 156 of tthe Tang dynasty show workers iin the fields and a line oof warriors respectively
    annd in the Song dynasty Cave 61, the celebrated landscape of Mount Wutai is an early ecample of artistic
    Chinese cartography, where nothing has been left out – mountains, rivers, cities, temples, roads and
    caravans are all depicted.

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