FIML as pedagogy

In a nutshell, FIML practice is pedagogy.

It is the art and science of teaching your partner about you and getting your partner to teach you about them.

The FIML technique works mainly with small (micro) units of communication. It uses these small units because they can be mutually agreed upon by both partners and because they constitute very good data.

FIML micro units in many ways are better data than a tape recorder or video because what tapes and videos record is extrinsic material. FIML micro data is the immediate, intrinsic data actually remembered by both the sender and receiver of the message.

This kind of data is very revealing because immediate reactions and/or impetuses arise out of discernible contexts that can be understood, if we catch them quickly enough.

When you do FIML, you are teaching your partner about how you think, feel, and express yourself. At the same time, you are doing all you can to learn similar information about them.

If there is anything about yourself that your partner should know and does not, teach them. And if there is anything about them that you do not understand, ask them about it.

This process should never stop because people change constantly. FIML helps us monitor and understand how personal transformations occur and why.

Pedagogy is also an art. So FIML is also an art. The headings at the top of this page provide links that explain the basic FIML technique. Application of this technique in your own life is a work of art you can share with your partner.

The topic and materials are the two of you.

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