Masters Of Reality

Good interview from 2010.

Getting into the head of the man behind the best work of QOTSA, Kyuss, UNKLE & more

CRAVEONLINE: What’s the secret to being a great producer?

CHRIS GOSS: Letting a band play.  Letting them run wild. It’s like being a great jailer in a way and allowing people to open and try anything they want to try. Most restrictions bands have are self-imposed and I try to tell them to do whatever they want. If they want to make a turn and do something from left field I’m all for it. I’m not into repeating what someone has done before. Open the floodgates of creativity and I don’t care if the beats are perfect or everything is perfectly in tune, in fact I loathe that attitude. I don’t tune the vocals and all that crap so it’s pretty old school the way I produce records. I’m looking for brains man.


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