Nationalism and Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a nationalist as opposed to a globalist.

All the other presidential candidates—Cruz, Hillary, Bernie, Kasich—are globalists.

The past thirty years show what globalists do. They send jobs and manufacturing overseas while undermining fundamental Constitutional rights at home.

Trump is not a nationalist in the nasty, violent sense of that word.

He is a nationalist in that he supports national sovereignty, the nation state, its borders, and most importantly the citizens that make up the society within those borders.

If we do not have a nation, we do not have any defense against the globalist cliques that seek and have largely gained control of the world.

Trump is self-funding. This is one major reason we can believe in his form of nationalism.

Cruz, Hillary, Bernie, and Kasich are all owned by globalists, be they powerful cliques, individuals, lobbyists, corporations, or secret societies.

Globalists live within a subculture that has little or no need for nation states because nation states have the power to limit their activities and amassing of yet more wealth.

Globalists are loyal to their subcultures and not to nation states, though they do like the laws of Panama.

Check out the recent Panama Papers leaks to see how they function in the real world. And remember, Mossack Fonseca is just one law firm that hides globalists big money. There are many others.

Some people claim Trump’s nationalism is a form of racism. This is false. Nationalist policies benefit all citizens by improving conditions within the nation.

American politics must serve the citizens of America first. Globalists do not do this and have never done this.

Some people claim that Trump’s nationalism is a form of xenophobia.

It’s not xenophobic. It just supports the interests of American citizens above those of non-citizens. Whether you are white, black, Hispanic, or something else, if you are a citizen Trump’s form of nationalism is in your interest.

Globalists want open borders because open borders weaken the culture that supports the nation state while providing cheap labor. If that is what you want, then Trump is not for you.

Nation states preserve unique cultures and in this they also preserve diversity throughout the world.

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