The Orlando Massacre: The Lies, the Exploitation and Unasked Questions

link to article

Good read that adds depth and dimension to the Orlando tragedy. ABN

Another interesting bit of info: EXPOSED: Leaked Emails Show DNC Colluded with Media to Push Clinton Nomination

Edit 6/17/16: Example of a buried lede:

Donald Trump had a strong reaction to the shooting and has brought attention back to his plan to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States.

Americans are split on how they feel about a temporary ban. Half of Americans support the ban and 46 percent oppose, the poll showed.(source)

As Obama and Hillary condemn Trump’s temporary ban on unvettable Muslims from areas known to harbor and produce anti-Western terrorists, we find that the American public actually supports the ban.

Pretending that the ban is utterly beyond the pale of moral rectitude and “not who we are” shows that many top politicians and media figures are being dishonest.

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