Decision-making mental states

Pretty sure most of us have deep mental states wherein significant personal decisions are made.

I am thinking especially of significant psychological decisions, life decisions, and social decisions.

An example of such a deep state might be being drunk.

Some people make important decisions about themselves and others when they are drunk.

Often those decisions are dark, even immoral. And often the drinker forgets making them though the decisions remain in effect.

In subsequent days, those decisions may seem to be obvious truths, not conclusions they reached while drunk.

This sort of psychological alcoholism—depending on the drunk state for decision-making though not otherwise alcoholic—can be very destructive because it fosters self-deceit and bad decisions.

Dark plans occur while drunk that are capably acted on while sober and unconscious of them.

This is a very effective form of self-deceit and may even be selected evolutionarily due to that.

I know someone with a strong trait like this and several others with milder versions.

OK, so that’s one thing and if you look, there is a good chance you will know someone who does this. You may even do it yourself.

Now, the second thing is I suspect there are a lot of deep decision-making mental states, not just the drunk one.

Some of them are dark and bad like the drunk one. Some are good. Some are idealistic. Some moody, some effective. Some analytical.

If you can see the drunk one, you can probably see others.

It’s interesting that we seem to reserve some mental states for deep psychological positioning or repositioning.

And like all things human some of those states are used for good, some for bad.

Some are inherently bad for making decisions (being drunk, over-confident, etc.) and some are inherently good.

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