Paying for “access”

We keep hearing that donors to Clinton, the DNC, or the Clinton Foundation are “only” paying for “access” to Clinton or Obama.

MSM reporters say this and Democratic operatives say it. It’s their way of dodging the more accurate “pay-to-play” description for what is really going on.

Think about, who is going to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars and more for mere “access”?

“Access” is the point at which payers ask for what they want. They pay the money to get what they want. Hillary and Obama are selling them what they want—be it an arms deal, an ambassadorship, a new federal regulation, a contract.

Rather than get good government with honest representatives, the American people have gotten Clinton and Obama who sell American assets and deals for pennies on the dollar.

This is how Bill and Hillary amassed a fortune of some $250 million in the years since Bill left office.

Donations and “speaking fees” assure access. But it was the selling of actual goods—contracts, jobs, etc.—that kept the money rolling in. If they hadn’t delivered, no one would be buying.

The scam is so obvious I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised to see ABC actually covering the surface of this story, but I am:

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