One thought on “Black Trump Supporters Explain Why They are Voting for DONALD TRUMP!

  1. Dr. Steve, I have been a fan our yours, since the 1980’s. On Sundays as I was getting my son, ready for church… we Listened to Radio and made preparations. Even as a youngster my son KNEW your voice on the radio, and admired how intelligent you are. As I just Listened to you! speak about this Coup to TAKE OVER America… I thought … has Steve, Lost his Mind??!… How CAN you Say that Obama! is NOT a BAD !!!! Person! – when he is the one, who had been! the Domestic Terrorist !!! right here, in America but also… in the White House !of Our Beloved Nation?… Tht wicked man! MURDERED my husband (Prince Charming!) whom I waited on G-D, for… 58 years…. And Five years previous, my son! died, leaving a 7 1/2 mo. old baby!(grandson) and a Five year old little girl (granddaughter) and right after that… my husband’s son DIED from Pancreatic Cancer!! I have a list of three pages – of Obama! breaking our Constitution regularly and that IS: TREASON !!!! High Crimes! and Misdemeanor’s !! … How can you say Obama is nice?.. when so Many seniors! and babies! Died BECAUSE OF HIS OBAMACARE FRAUD ??!… i DON T NEED VENGEANCE AGAINST THIS MAN (GD’S JUSTICE SHALL DO!) FOR THE PEACE ANS SAKE OF MY GRANDCHILDREN AND EVERYONE ELSE’S – BUT if … SOROS!!! THE ROTHSCHILD’S! AND KISSINGER !! – DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR ALL THE … UN-NECESSARY DEATHS !! FROM THEIR BANKSTER’S WARS!!! (SINCE NAPOLEON, WAS DOING THEIR !!! AND THE CATHOLIC CHURCHES! BIDDING!! i ask you?… WHAT KIND OF PEACE ?!……… SHALL WE HAVE ?!… I AM STILL A DEVOTED FAN,(OF YOURS!) BUT VERY CONFLICTED!… WITH YOUR PECULIAR STATEMENTS! ABOUT MURDERER’S !! … IS YOUR BOOK TEODORA, ABOUT YOUR MOM?… PS. I DO KNOW ABOUT THE MK ULTRA AND WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO SO MANY INNOCENT HUMAN BEINGS! Brice, Cathy, Fiona! (and I also know that Reagan and Bush(es!) and Cheney and Nixon and only almighty G-D Knows!… who all the rest of the Perverts!! ARE.. Turning Humans! into robots, for THEIR Bidding! an the victim’s Sexual agony! This is way too abhorrent to think… about. ALMOST WORSE !! THAN ALL … THAT HITLER DID! …. DURING HIS “reign of terror” in his Third REICH !!!!! PPS. I remember crying! and telling my German Grandfather, “They should have Killed those illuminati BAD people – because they will just go somewhere else!… and Hurt even more! people … Grandpa, “You told me you cut the head OFF of a snake, didn’t you?!” Confused and always Wanting the BEST … for the Little Ones! … Mine and everyone else’s!….

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