Trump’s Election Will Be The Biggest F You Ever Recorded In Human History – Michael Moore

Michael Moore, of course, does not support Donald Trump, but this excerpt from his upcoming anti-Trump movie does portray an important segment of Trump supporters well.

To me, the people portrayed in this segment are emblematic of America as a whole, no matter the race or socioeconomic level. We all have been fucked over by terrible politics for many years and many of us can see that and are completely sick of it.

Only the very top of American society has benefited from loose borders, job exportation, and the strangle-hold of PC culture.

How did American news media and academia become 85-90% liberal? Isn’t it obvious the reason is that liberal culture in those spheres is self-serving, exclusive (not intellectually diverse) and corrupt?

It is beyond obvious that MSM overwhelmingly and dishonestly supports Hillary Clinton. You have to have enormous blinders on to fail to see that. This is how the left really operates and how a Clinton administration will govern the country.

On principle alone, I would reject another Clinton administration, which will almost certainly be worse than Obama, more bellicose even less capable and definitely more corrupt.

But Trump has more to offer than a rejection of Hillary and her unscrupulous subculture.

He is paying for his own candidacy. No one owns him. He is a real outsider. He actually stands a chance of “Draining the Swamp” in Washington DC.

Moreover, he has real skills, real business acumen. And with these he will bring fresh vision and new strengths to DC. He built real businesses in the USA through decades of hard work. He is not a one-hit Internet wonder but someone who used brains and perseverance to build his fortune over many years. He has faced many different kinds of challenges and succeeded.

We need someone like this. Our stable of “viable” national politicians have, essentially, no other skills but gaming the political system and growing their personal fiefdoms. Most of them can talk OK and make promises. But almost none of them speak the truth or deliver on what they promise.

Trump is much more likely to go the distance than any candidate we have seen in many years.

Historically, he is unprecedented. He is the first figure in world history to offer the chance of profound peaceful change within a large dying culture.

If we miss this opportunity, we may lose the USA itself.

Trump asks the black community, “What do you have to lose?” That question should be directed at all Americans.

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