Good piece on James Comey

I really hope this is true. I can’t help it, but I trust Comey (or really want to) and I know that if the FBI director is corrupt, our nation is doomed.

There are many theories about what is happening with the Weiner email find and what those docs mean, and sometimes the details get in the way of a good overview.

This is a very good overview by Scott Adams. Highly recommended: James Comey – As seen through the Persuasion Filter.

So allow me to offer an interpretation of events that casts Comey as more of a patriot and hero than an ass-covering weasel. Compare my interpretation with whatever movie you have in your head and see which one works best for explaining and predicting.

Another theory is that Comey was forced to reopen the investigation because top FBI people were resigning over his not recommending prosecution. Also have read Comey’s wife was against what he did. Also, this: CNN: FBI discovered new emails weeks ago; stash includes classified emails “likely” deleted by Clinton.

It’s all just speculation as of this morning, but there almost certainly is something very big in the new find.

If you want the latest most up-to-date info on this issue, including plenty of speculation, go here.

EDIT 11/01: A strong counterargument to the above is that Comey did a fake investigation in the first place and in so doing has pissed off the majority of FBI people. To correct this and because explosive new evidence has been found, he sent the letter to Congress. Here is a presentation of that argument:

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