I do not know what to make of pizzagate. Some say it is all fake news. Some say it is disinfo designed to distract from Julian Assange’s disappearance and/or discredit alternative news sources.

The pizzagate subreddit on Reddit was shut down yesterday for being a “witch hunt.” I can sort of see this reasoning but don’t agree with it because that does not seem to be what was actually happening. Crowd-sourced investigative journalism is here to stay and pizzagate is just the latest example of it.

We are in a new era now due to new ways of communicating and also due to abject multiple failures of MSM to do real journalism and refrain from obvious and overwhelming bias.

The pizzagate investigation has moved to Voat, a smaller site similar to reddit. You can read more about it there.

Here is a video that provides an overview if you are unfamiliar with the issue.

Underlying all of this is the claim that our world is governed by people who use sexual predation and Satanism as initiation rites into their group. Once filmed, these acts provide blackmail that prevents members from breaking ranks. More information on this can be found here.

Edit 11/25: Here is another good summary

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