Pizzagate update

Speculation I have heard and think is newsworthy.

My understanding is the content in the image below is correct.

Steve Bannon was good friends with Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart Tweeted about Podesta in 2011. This is clearly related to Pizzagate.

Bannon was number 2 or 3 at Breitbart at the time of Breitbart’s Tweet. Bannon became managing editor after Breitbart died. He must have known what Breitbart knew.

Today, Steve Bannon has been named chief strategist and Senior Counselor for the Presidency of Donald Trump. This means Trump must also know.

Did Trump run to bust Pizzagate? Is Trump planning to do something?

If Pizzagate is, as many suspect, only the most recent excrudescence of deep disease within US and world government, one can imagine an immense scandal being exposed.

Another scenario is little or nothing is exposed but the perps are forced to retire from the scene and never show their faces in public again. In this case, it ends quietly but just as surely.

Only a Trump presidency could do this. The NSA must have the info in their database on Pizzagate and who is involved. Are intelligence officers helping Bannon and Trump?

Is this the coup Steve Pieczenik was referring to in early November?

Are we being prepped for some really bad news?

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