Satanic Ritual Abuse

Part 2 of this video can be found on YouTube if it does not automatically follow Part 1.

I have personal experience with some aspects of stuff like this. I remember many of their faces and expressions. It’s completely evil and definitely is happening.

What I know is less about Satanism and more about targeting individuals for gradual destruction with the goal of undermining their communities.

It’s a mistake to focus only on Satanic rituals because the philosophy behind it encompasses much more than sex and rituals. It is about total control, world domination.

The most extreme claim is that a group like this is either in control of the West or is vying for control. Satanism etc. is used as a cover and initiation into that group.

In this vein, I am somewhat hopeful that Donald Trump is going to actually do something to stop it. It’s possible Trump’s brother Fred was a targeted individual and it is possible that Trump knows or suspects this.

It’s even possible that Trump ran for president in the first place because he knows about this and has been helped by people within the intelligence agencies who also know.

That’s a long-shot but if it happens—if Trump busts those fuckers—it will be the greatest socio-political event of all time.

Pizzagate may turn out to be nothing, but I think it is plausible and worth following. A big problem with cases like these is the charges are so outlandish and the victims (those that lived) are so deeply harmed by it, it is difficult to grasp the enormity.

But think about it. What better way to hide a wide-ranging criminal enterprise to undermine and control society than to conceal your actions behind Satanism and ritual child abuse, two of the last subjects most people ever want to consider?

One good thing is more people seem to understand this today than ten or twenty years ago.

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