Pizzagate makes mainstream news

CBS Ben Swann presents a surprisingly well-balanced report on Pizzagate.

Edit 2/8/17: All of Ben Swann’s social media accounts are now deleted after being the only reporter to air a truthful segment on PizzaGate.

One aspect of this story that he has left out is it resembles many other stories with similar themes—politicians and power-brokers, abused children, little or no investigation. The Franklin coverup and Rotherham are good examples of this kind of story. (Google either one to find many links.)

Another aspect of the story that Swann has left out is there are many people (like me) who have seen this kind of thing up close and know without doubt that it does happen.

That said, Swann does a very good job with his report. Add together his report with the two factors I mention above and you will understand why Pizzagate has generated so much interest.

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