Ideological tribalism

Do people like the one in the video below and celebrities like Ashley Judd not realize that they are demonstrating the raw tribalism that all but forced Trump’s victory?

Many other celebrities have done the same. Meryl Streep’s rant was based on an appeal to emotion that has been debunked many times. Robert De Niro used his acting skills to simply swear at the then president-elect on camera.

Do these people not understand the violent history of the left and the fear they engender with their abandonment of reason for tribal emotions?

Communist regimes killed so many people, you can’t even count the number. Communists came to power on the backs of emotional people who felt that their idealism was better than all others.

Often, those people were among the first the communists killed, along with the journalists who had cheered them on. These people were killed because once communist power was consolidated, they slaughtered anyone who questioned them.

The weakness of the American system is it respects individual rights so much it unwittingly allows groups to undermine it.

Sometimes those groups are corporations or secret societies and sometimes they are ideological and highly emotional—the tribe redefined as an abstraction to scream and cry about.

The vid mentioned at the top:

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