The IC war against Donald Trump

Some part of the Intelligence Community (IC) is obviously at war with Donald Trump.

A friend wrote that he hopes the Trump team is prepared and that they know what is happening.

Someone replied:

they have to know and are surely prepared, but they can’t know everything or prepare for what they don’t know. I am optimistic. cleaning up IC and DC is a huge project. you know, our side can lose. it’s a real battle. look at Germany, much of Europe – on the ropes. Merkel is worse than HRC. Sweden has become a joke. France is already lost. I doubt Le Pen will win. it took only thirty years for Chinese commies to utterly destroy Chinese civilization. the soviet union did the same in about the same time-frame. civilizations are fragile. look what happened to the “civilization” of American academia. that also took about thirty years to destroy. not completely hopeless yet but it’s bad. this is a real battle, an epic battle

He answered:

I do see how it could be lost. For example judge Nap this am was saying that it will be impossible to find the IC leakers. He says they are pros. Hope he’s wrong but if Trump can’t govern without worrying about a leak then we do have a shadow govt. No doubt about it. I bet the White House is bugged top to bottom. Maybe even Mar Lago. Trump may have to buy another compound and limit who can outfit it and use that for meetings etc. I’m not even sure that’d work as you still need the most trusted people to work with. Plus all phone calls are recorded. One thing that is interesting is how we’ve been talking about spying and being careful for decades. Big brother is watching but most laughed it off. Now it’s cocktail party talk. In some ways the emergence of the deep state is good in that it’s waking people up to the spying. Shits real and they can do anything they want to anybody.

The basic problem is that even the president cannot prevent attacks by IC officers and even he cannot know who they are, how many they are, what their goals are.

Eisenhower warned of this. JFK tried to stop it. Bobby would have tried harder. Some say Reagan tried but backed off after the attempt on his life. This is what Donald Trump is now facing.

See this for more: The NSA database.

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