Pizzagate and the IC war against Donald Trump

The following interview is from an anonymous DHS insider, so grain of salt.

The insider says of Pizzagate (PedoGate, as he calls it):

PedoGate is only a modern term associated with a long history of Pedo-blackmail connected to both Israel and the Intel community. There is a full court press to stop PedoGate from being looked at because if people knew the true motives behind the pedophilia epidemic, they would do more than march on Washington. They could actually seed a revolution…

See the full interview here: HUGE Exclusive Interview With DHS Insider!

This interview is not news in the sense that we know who the source is or can prove their claims. But it is news in the sense that the information has internal consistency and fits well with what is going on in the country today—the IC’s war with Trump, the MSM frenzy of lies aimed at Trump, panic among top politicians, both Dems and GOPs.

Here is another sample from the interview:

Q. So an ex-CIA senior agent named Robert Steele is on record saying Epstein’s island was a honey trap to lure our most powerful politicians into a extortion scheme?

A. Yes. There are videos of some of the most powerful players in the most humiliating positions. If this gets out, not only are the politicians ruined, but the extortion game is over and suddenly, the influence CIA and Mossad wield over Washington, is gone.

As mentioned in other posts, I have some personal experience with a very bad group. Most people would be astounded to know what I know from first-hand experience. A good part of why Pizzagate is staying in the (alternate) news despite MSM and establishment derision of the subject is there are many people like me.

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