The left is a totalitarian subculture

Totalitarian means “relating to a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.”

When I say the left is a totalitarian subculture, I mean that it has become a subculture with very conspicuous totalitarian elements. These include newspeak, PC proscriptions, intolerance of differing views, and a willingness to break laws or engage in violence to prevent the free exchange of ideas and or to further only their own ideas.

I could post many links every day to back up these claims. Here are just two from the morning news:

The second link is very serious. It alleges that the Obama DOJ illegally funneled taxpayer funds to leftist groups, including La Raza.

The first link details yet more leftist intolerance of diverse views. Did funding for the “outside agitators” ultimately come from taxpayers through the DOJ slush fund?

The American legal system has excellent protections for individual rights. But this same system is lacking in protections against nefarious groups that work in concert to undermine it.

That the left has become such a group is easily proved by the fact that academia is 90% leftist as is MSM. Both groups have become totalitarian institutions within the overall totalitarian subculture of the left.

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