An example of Cultural Marxism

To me, the image below is disturbing because it illustrates how the history of communism is so poorly understood by far too many today.

Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union were the first mass murderers in modern Europe, killing many millions through deliberate terror campaigns before Hitler rose to power.

More people were murdered by communists in the 20th century than by any other ideology or any other form of government, including all fascist governments put together.

Why don’t more people know that?

In a nutshell, it is because of “cultural Marxism” as it is now practiced in the US and Europe.

Cultural Marxism has infiltrated our schools and universities. It dominates much of academia and mainstream news. It is the underlying ideology of most of the Democratic Party and has profoundly affected the GOP. It is a primary reason both the USA and Europe are experiencing massive, destabalizing immigration today.

Imagine if these people did something like this at a Holocaust memorial. (If this image is deleted it has been archived here.)

The article from which this image comes: Leftists flip off memorial dedicated to victims of communism.

See Yuri Bezmenov: Deception Was My Job for more on this important topic.

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