“The crime is so serious, we don’t need no evidence”

Adam Schiff walks back his bullshit on camera.

Adam Schiff: There Is No “Definitive” Proof Of Any Trump-Russia Connection

Five months of this nonsense. Watch the video at the link above.

What seems most likely to me is the Obama administration used claims of Russian hacking to go on a witch hunt during which they illegally spied on Trump and his campaign, then illegally unmasked American citizens caught up in that, and then illegally leaked some of their names to the press.

Each one of these illegal behaviors is a federal crime.

Consider also that the sole source of the “Russian hacking” claim is a private company’s investigation into the DNC server, a claim that company has also walked back. Moreover, the DNC refused to allow the FBI to look at those servers and Comey was good with that.

The low level of the Democrat argument, epitomized by Adam Schiff, is truly an insult to the American system. I do not see how any reasonable person can countenance this kind of behavior. It’s much worse than normal partisan politics.

Here is a good cartoon on the subject.

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