Sexual misconduct and American culture

As a Buddhist, I am in favor of good sexual conduct, which in Buddhism means not harming anyone by your conduct.

As an American, I am frankly delighted to witness some of our most hallowed cultural hierarchies being undermined by recent sexual misconduct charges. Hollywood, mainstream media, and Congress are all experiencing major damage to their very highly undeserved reputations as “cultural leaders.” Yuck, I have learned more from cats.

As an individual, I also have to say that at least some of these misconduct charges are surely bogus, some are so minor and happened so long ago they mean nothing today, and some of them were surely enticed, if not by conscious design then at least by the way our culture operates. Just compare how men and women dress. And consider that women (I have been told) also lose their shit when around male dancers.

Cultural revolutions need to happen from time to time and often yield good results if they are nonviolent. The Czarist regime in Russia was too slow to change nonviolently and thus was overthrown violently. The KMT in China was similar.

I hope we are now living through a nonviolent cultural revolution that overthrows undeserving cultural hierarchies and the celebrities who represent them. I also hope that though the battering ram today is sexual conduct, tomorrow it will be intellectual honesty across the board.

In that vein, I hope academia falls next. No major public institution in America could possibly be 85+% liberal without also being totalitarian, excluding those with different views.

A word to whoever controls the Deep State or oligarchy, accept deep change now or be like the Romanovs.


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