Jordan Peterson on the gender pay gap, campus protests and the patriarchy

On hierarchies, which Peterson addresses, the “third way” is to get away from them, stay away from them. Ignore them reasonably and live by your own lights. This is a basic urge in many of us. In a very similar manner, many of us refrain from anger and hatred and enjoy following moral precepts and find freedom in them.

I make this point because Buddhist practice is based on freedom through ethics and because many social psychologists today are saying what Peterson says about hierarchies. Sometimes we do have to stand up for ourselves, but I do not believe most of us need to do this often or should do it often.

Furthermore, I do not believe that social status is any more fundamental to human nature than murder is. Humans also possess reason and spiritual inclinations both of which can guide us away from status competition if we decide to do that and/or our conditions allow. ABN

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