Hand sanitizers are the simplest way to stop transmission of the coronavirus.

In whichever ways work best, these should be made and distributed widely, even given away.

As of today, hand sanitizers are unavailable in my locality and online. A friend who works at the Post Office says they have only a limited supply in the office and not nearly enough to supply letter carriers and rural deliverers.

“Essential workers” come in contact with many members of their communities. This makes them susceptible to the disease as well as potential vectors of it if they become infected.

All “essential workers” should be well-supplied with hand sanitizers in quantities sufficient for their work and also their homes. Household members of essential workers are clearly a major source of disease transmission to essential workers and through them entire communities.

I went on about this because I do not see this issue being discussed at CDC briefings or anywhere in government pronouncements. And also, because I see the problem first-hand.

Supplying all essential workers and their family members with hand sanitizers is a simple and inexpensive way to stop transmission of this virus. If you know someone with a real say in this, please speak to them. This is a simple need that can easily be taken care of and may save more lives than ventilators.

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