Very good piece on the SCOTUS decision to punt

There is no short passage that covers the gist of this essay, which is not long, so I am just providing the title and link: The Meaning Of The Alito/Thomas “Statement”.

The Alito/Thomas statement of dissent is key to understanding the crux of why the SCOTUS decision to run and hide is a disgrace. Half the country at least is concerned about conspicuous fraud and does not believe the results are honest. But according to SCOTUS we have no “standing” to bring the case to them.

There is an argument that defends the court by saying if they took this case, they would be forced to take many other cases concerning the residents of one state claiming harm by the actions of another state. But this argument is weak since SCOTUS has “original jurisdiction” concerning disputes between states; and there could hardly be a more serious dispute than this one.

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