On the ODNI report delay

Readers who are aware of how important this time period is may feel disappointed—even conned—by the delay of the expected report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, scheduled to be released on or before 12/18.

The following comment is a very good read. It explains why missing the deadline can be seen as a good thing. Be sure to read the whole comment, available at the link below:

…In this election we are “learning” the importance of law and dates and REQUIREMENTS (Shall, MUST, may, can, order, authorize). These words and dates may [sic] meaning and power.

There would be a very real National Security Interest to NOT PROVIDE congress with a serious real active and clear and present danger and threat to this country if said threat and the reporting of it substantively the JUDGEMENT AND EXCERCISE OF EXCLUSIVE EXECUTIVE POWER. (comment link)

Further reading: 2020 Election Fraud is CCP ‘Assassin’s Mace’: Patrick Byrne

Below is a screen shot of the ODNI announcement of delay:

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