Georgia: Burden of proof is on officials not citizens

It is not the duty of citizens to prove election fraud happened. It is the duty of election officials and legislators to prove fraud could not have happened. By no stretch of the imagination can they do this in Georgia and elsewhere: thus election results are at best uncertifiable.

It is not necessary to prove election fraud but only to show that significant fraud could have happened. What we see in Georgia and other swing states is not only that fraud could have happened but that it obviously did happen. The odds of so many unprecedent anomalies and irregularities all being in favor of Biden are so small, it is obvious election fraud happened and that it was massive. Biden did not win. Trump did. No reasonable person who looks at the evidence can conclude otherwise.

Election results in Georgie and other swing states are clearly uncertifiable. It is the duty of state legislatures to ensure that their election have been run fairly and results have not been tampered with, that they are not fraudulent; that there has been no ballot stuffing, that ballot counting was honest and observed by both sides, that voting machines were not connected to the internet and that they could not possibly have been manipulated by anyone at any time. Georgia and other swing states cannot do this. It is a national disgrace that mainstream media, virtually all Democrats and far too many Republicans dare pretend otherwise.

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