Is the Italian connection to election fraud panicking Congress? Why else are they rushing to impeach Trump?

The scenario described below looks plausible to me. Another possibility is the DNI Report on election fraud has shown Congress that Trump can prove not only the fraud but also that they knowingly certified it. ABN

POTUS has been ridiculed and labelled as a tyrant, a narcissist, a power hungry racist… you know the things. For him to step in with a military operation and arrest the criminals then all those brainwashed TDS liberals will start a civil war…or worse. Right? So how do you solve the problem.

a. You step aside. You give the appearance you are leaving and out of the way. You are no longer relevant. Having no twitter, Facebook, etc. is a moot issue because you have no power, no authority and nothing to say. Agree? Because he literally just did that with his last video. Granted he didn’t actually concede and he is still the President. You go silent. (10 days of darkness)

b. You replace your Attorney General and Director of National Intelligence. He just did that. Why? Why now? They are loyal. Why is this important? Consider what we know today.

Evidence is now in the open regarding how Italy rigged the election through the compromised voting machines. It appears it is unarguable and indisputable. The affidavit in hand is the guy who actually made the downloads. He knows exactly how many votes he flipped for whom and in which states. So, if not POTUS, who’s responsibility is it to take action? Foreign interference that didn’t just interfere with our election but actually dictated the outcome is again unarguably a HUGE National Security Threat.

Enter stage left… John Ratcliff (Director of National Intelligence) For Ratcliff to ignore this threat is an egregious act of incompetence. He can NOT responsibly ignore such a major threat to the United States of America. Here is a guy in a foreign country with a foreign entity testifying he changed the outcome of our U.S. election for the highest office in our land. Ratcliff must step in and take action. He really has no choice.

Ratcliff’s action would in-turn cause a huge legal problem for the Department of Justice. He would expose the unarguable fact the 2nd branch of government (Congress) just ratified electoral votes absolutely created and manufactured by a foreign influence. This breaks all kinds of laws not to mention the U.S. Constitution itself. For the Department of Justice to ignore this is an egregious dereliction of duty. Enter stage right… Jeffrey Rosen. Rosen MUST address this malfeasance and act.

The election problem is then solved efficiently, immediately and completely.

Result? Donald J. Trump is still our President!

Then what? Then in DJT 2nd term the Patrick Byrne data, the Lin Wood data, the Sidney Powell/Rudy data, and yes even the John Durham data can all be combined and do a thorough swamp sanitization! Boom!

I think this might be the plan.

-my two cents.

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