Silver linings in the cancelling of Donald Trump

Us normal folk find their reasons for certifying without examination the most dubious election in American history funny. Their deplatforming petty, nasty, childish, ridiculous but also funny in a dark way. What are they going to do next? To us? That stimulates the imagination.

Will this produce a Streisand effect? Cause mass sympathy for the man they revile for being honest about them, which they are presently proving beyond a shadow of a doubt was right all along?

What are they afraid of to impeach him now? If it’s not fear they feel it must be hate; a hate crime by Congress which pretends it’s being righteous. When the punishment does not fit the non-crime you do not look righteous, that I can tell you.

This is their idea of peaceful transfer of power? Will they follow up with fake FISA warrants when he’s a private citizen in one week, or 209 weeks? Malicious prosecution was another game they played. I wonder if Biden will rehire Comey, take the rubber boots back out of the closet.

We know they have lists.

Even AMLO and Merkel think they are acting like babies, while American “civil rights” groups howl for more cancelling. Seriously, you have to laugh. They “win” the election by stealth but lose the hearts and minds of the world by openly kicking him while he’s down.

Trump ran on draining the swamp. No one, not even him, knew how big it is, how vicious. How wildly they fight to save themselves.

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