Patrick Byrne on his meeting with Trump and the Nov 3 election

I have a lot of faith in Byrne. I know some have their doubts about his motives and question his having worked for the FBI, but I don’t. I can see how that happened and why he did what he did. I also respect his sometimes awkward retelling of his past as well as his descriptions of Trump. Having lived in China myself, I can relate to that side of him as well. Beyond that, he just seems honest to me. I think he is doing his best to tell difficult truths and using his wealth and status for the good of others.

The excerpt below is the beginning of a series of essays he plans to write on what he saw in and around the November 3 election.

I had a ringside seat to election events from November 3, 2019 to January 6, 2021, and feel a duty to explain to the world what really happened. I will not be regurgitating the headline events anyone can read, but will aim to explain what was going on behind the scenes, and give my best account of why things played out as they did.

Out of an interest in not letting the public suffer any longer from my procrastination and weakness (I tested negative today after a 13-day bout with Covid) , I will be writing and publishing this story in installments, reserving  the right to re-edit as I go. Once complete and final, I will let the public know that it is final. Thus, you might think of this exercise as an odd one, where I am drafting a long magazine article for the world but doing so publicly, that the public need not wait to begin having its understandable curiosity addressed.

It will be natural for the reader to question my motives, my background, to wonder if I have some ax to grind or might wish to accomplish something in writing this other than what I claim (that I simply feel a duty to my country and to history to give an honest account of what I saw over those nine weeks).  So I will close this preface with four short statements that may clarify to some from where I am coming from philosophically…


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