Patrick Byrne: Why Trump lost the election

On the last day of July, 2020 a dear friend of mine from Montana, a stolid, Native American fellow some several years my junior, visited me at my home in Utah. A few days earlier I had had surgery on my spinal chord, and he was checking in. He told me that there was a group of people, some ex-federal some not, some cyber-experts and some with other expertise, who were organizing on the subject of election fraud. My friend was adamant that I get involved and help them. My friend was quite a squared-away individual, and I took his advice and requests seriously. The next day, August 1, my friend died in a plane crash: though the coincidence is troubling, I looked into it personally (I am a multi-engine instrument land and seaplane pilot), and it does seem to me to have been the error of his instructor (who flew the plane in a box canyon without the power to climb out).

At my friend’s funeral I met some of the people he had described. A sober, quiet man with a FEMA background and a deep knowledge of biowarfare; a retired Army Colonel with a background in Military Intelligence including psyops; other men and women with backgrounds in everything from law enforcement to cyberwarfare in military context and in support of law enforcement, to (most recently) operating against human trafficking in the Southwest to…. The possibility of election fraud on a mass scale.  An industrial scale.  It turned out that there were some irregularities in the Dallas 2018 election that had spawned a network of enthusiasts on election fraud, and that had spawned this broader network. Soon some key players were dropping through and seeing me in Utah, and I, recovering from surgery, was moving around to meet them elsewhere…

continue reading at… How DJT Lost the White House – Introduction: Why I Was Involved Before November 3 and What I Learned Because I Was

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