Patrick Byrne blows the doors off a massive post-election “shit-show” with more than one clogged hopper

This piece is a must read if you want to know what was happening behind the scenes in the weeks following the November 3 election. Byrne is clear about what he means and engaging in how he says it. It’s actually “fun” to read though the subject matter—incompetence, disorganization, booze, and failure—is depressing. Follow the link below the excerpt for the full story.

…At one point I learned how the President was staying involved. Periodically, Rudy Giuliani and the Mediocrity were going over to the White House to brief him. Really, no kidding: the person who was so bad my colleagues had declared they would quit rather than work another moment with that person, and the 76 year old guy who had trouble sending an email and was spending his days sloshed, were the ones explaining to the President what was going on and what his options were. At first I thought it was some kind of sick joke, but I confirmed it.  The Mediocrity and the Mayor were the ultimate point-people on the mission of stopping this world-historic task.

Flynn and I felt sick. A frequent subject of mutter between us ran along the lines, “Why the fuck are we doing this?” The president’s children were off, uninvolved, or planning retirements, or pep-rallying.  We could detect no discernible strategy out of the President’s team, no marching orders, just an organization wandering around and melting as it did so. A Mediocrity who was so bad, we had had to make special arrangements such that the Mediocrity did not have direct contact with our people, or they were going to flee. And the whole mess was led by a 76 year old gentleman, a man mujch beloved by his country, but who six weeks into what might be the most sophisticated cybertheft in all of history, could still not have a coherent conversation beyond, “Did you hear that 211 dead people in Philadelphia voted? Dead people?!?!? And they voted! Have you heard?!?”

How DJT Lost the White House, November 3 – December 23: All the President’s Team(s)

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