Big Tech strikes again

A Youtube spokesperson said:

“We have demonetized The Epoch Times’ YouTube channel and affiliated channels and suspended them from the YouTube Partner Program. All channels on YouTube need to comply with our Community Guidelines and in order to monetize, channels must comply with the YouTube Partner Program policies, which include our Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines. Channels that repeatedly violate these policies are suspended from our partner program.”

YouTube demonetizes The Epoch Times

No specific, factual reasons given, so we are right to guess. Is YT beholden to CCP? Is Epoch Times becoming so popular its interviews are undermining the Big Tech narrative? I post Epoch interviews from time to time because they are substantive and get right to the point. In my view, they are actually fairly vanilla and studiously avoid many crucial problems central to USA and world.

A blanket excuse for many of the suspensions and deplatformings we have been seeing recently is the “content” nebulously “promotes violence.” So a thoughtful analysis of the Capitol riot that refrains from calling it a “terrorist insurrection” or shows Antifa was involved is somehow promoting rioting at the Capitol and thus violence.

It should be clear by now that Donald Trump is and was no cult figure. He is and was not a demagogue or subject to idolization. What his supporters liked and still like are his policies which virtually all aimed at making America a healthy, well-defined, and wealthy polity whose aggregate voice would be heard and influence our government.

Cross my heart, I would be very happy with Biden if he continued Trump’s policies and went further down that road. Also, though I think he is a ridiculous president, I do not hate him and will not put a stupid hat on my head in protest or encourage burning our cities because of him or his policies.

Notice the ironic symbolism of a permanent fence around Congress (and most of their fabulous homes) while our borders fall into disrepair both legally and physically. U.S. Capitol needs permanent fencing around complex after deadly riot, acting chief says.

See also: Florida Congresswoman Proposes ‘Loyalty Test’ For Employees.

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