Did CDC screw up or was it deliberate?

Changed PCR covid testing requirements greatly lowered covid positive test results. The change occurred on or about the day Biden was inaugurated. Coincidence? Or malicious manipulation of statistics prior to that day to frighten the population and force mail-in voting?

Lockdowns destroyed many thousands of small businesses while transferring wealth from them to large corporations. Small business owners tend to be conservative and supportive of pro-American policies. Did this play a role in lockdown policies which occurred most often in Blue states?

The peer reviewed study below has more questions like this and some answers. Below is an excerpt from the study, published in the journal Science, Public Health Policy, and The Law. Emphasis theirs.

As a result of state policies based on potentially compromised data published and promoted by the CDC, Americans have lost jobs and businesses in historically unprecedented numbers.

At the peak of the crisis, an estimated 20.5 to 42 million Americans had lost their jobs without having any voice in the decision-making process due to shelter in place mandates issued by every state with the exceptions of Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah & Wyoming.[30][31]

Anxiety, depression, suicide rates, domestic violence, and alcoholism have all reportedly risen significantly due to the economic hardships brought on by how state governors decided to exercise their authority in response to the potentially compromised data published by the CDC.[32]

Tens of thousands of Americans have died without access to potentially life-saving medications like hydroxychloroquine or nutrient therapies like intravenous Vitamin C. Couple this with the tragic reality that so many Americans passed away alone, without the comfort of their family members, and the collateral damage of our one-size fits all policies becomes even more unpalatable.[47]

COVID-19 Data Collection, Comorbidity & Federal Law: A Historical Retrospective

More links and discussion can be found here.

In addition to all of the above, it is especially troubling that wanting transparent elections or wanting real science applied to covid is being branded as “conspiracy” or “far-right” anti-science and on that basis censored and ridiculed. My feeling is that the forces suppressing free speech and logical thought among the American people are pressing their luck. Their garish political theater is becoming more obvious and more disturbing to more people every day.

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