Strong majority of Republicans and Independents want a third political party

The article below is short and provides a good overview of this issue and what it bodes for the future.

A hot-button topic now has some interesting polling data from Gallup [pdf result here]. The poll shows that more Americans want a third party option than ever before in the two-decades of polling. Given the very visible exposure of the UniParty, two wings of the same vulture club in Washington DC, this does not come as a surprise.

Gallup – […] Independents are usually much more likely than Republicans or Democrats to favor a third political party, but in the current poll, Republicans are nearly as likely as independents to hold this view, 63% to 70%. That represents a dramatic shift for Republicans since last September when 40% favored a third party.

continue reading… Support For Third U.S. Political Party Reaches Highest Point in Twenty Years, 63 Percent of Republicans and 70 Percent of Independents Want Third Party Option

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