Biden Air Force One call sign raises questions

Major Class One happening – Biden got aboard the Presidential jet, and it did not change call signs to Air Force One. Previously anons watched callsign 82-8000 come into Andrews, pick up Trump, and change to callsign AF1. Biden had yet to take the big jet, so up until now, some shills claimed the reason his planes had not yet changed callsign to AF1 was because of that, but this removed all rational explanations. He is flying, and the military is not giving him the AF1 designation. Something very strange is going on. Add it to the inaugural anomalies, Trump is riding in a government-armored SUV while Bill Clinton is arriving places in a regular vehicle, Marines are not saluting Biden, and DC is ringed in concertina and seven foot tall non-scalable fence and occupied by almost 10,000 armed troops, no explanation for which has been given to anyone of power in our government. Also anons watched the return trip, and again, it was 82-8000, and not AF1.

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