Sundance posts the @Johnheretohelp testimony with additional insights

UPDATE: The video below indicates to me that @John is not truthful and should not be believed. I do not regret posting some of his links. That’s how we field information and separate good from bad. If anything changes, I will post that. Note that we the people do not need to be censored. When we find information is wrong, we say so. No need for Big Tech to “curate” our speech.

UPDATE: Sorry to say, John loses most of his credibility with this video. I have only watched a small section of it. Will comment later after watching more if warranted.

I posted his testimony a couple days ago and have added links and commentary to it since. Today The Conservative Tree House describes a strong connection to Sharyl Attkisson’s lawsuit.

…A very interesting development appeared early in 2020 amid the ongoing effort of former CBS investigative journalist, Sharyl Attkisson, to resolve the issue of who spied on her, planted spyware and infiltrated her computer systems for illegal surveillance. [Attkisson website here]

According to a 2020 court filing [Source Here] a person who was engaged in the “wrongful activity” has come forward to provide Ms. Attkisson with details about the operation. As a result of those whistle-blower revelations Attkisson is able to name specific individuals who were running the operation:

Lin Wood Whistleblower Connects VERY IMPORTANT Dot on Deep State Surveillance and Rosenstein Activity With FBI To Compromise People

I wonder how Sundance will analyze the more grisly parts of @Johnheretohelp’s testimony. Many things, including Lin Wood’s anger, make sense when you read what @Johnheretohelp has to say: @Johnheretohelp complete March transcript of January 2021 interview.

UPDATE: Three recent Tweets from John

Also, as we work with our many Bayesian probability heaps and wonder can they have done that? Can it be true? Remember that we have the Hunter tapes showing just that sort of behavior. And we have massive heaps of evidence of graft, blackmail, and bribery concerning both China and Ukraine and many top people in the Obama administration. Moreover, why is DC in such a major panic? Nonstop since before Trump took office. Why has his presidency been so grossly distorted? Most Trump policies were bold but normal American conservative policies. Why did the Uniparty go crazy over that and why are they still going crazy? Is it because of what John is saying?

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