Something much worse than The Truman Show is real

On Twitter – Congressional leaders are currently discussing a $2 billion package for new Capitol fencing and security personnel. They can’t do this forever. If this is a final takeover, it will happen one way or another soon. If we can go by the old paradigm, the most likely take would be that five years ago, they thought they were close and went all in. They didn’t care if we saw the foreign bribes, or hostile intelligence intimidating us, or sex trafficking, or the pedophilia, or the outright treason, because in a year or two, it would all be over but the mop-up under Hillary the Awful. Between then and now, something happened, and suddenly they weren’t going to close the deal as fast as they thought. And yet they had exposed themselves so much in their mad rush to finish, they were left massively exposed and in great danger, such as through the gang-stalking. Now it is back to a fight they have to slug out for a while. The security may have begun with Trump afraid a failed patriot attack would give them the gumption to go all in and seize power completely, which maybe they could pull off, since everything is chance. Meanwhile the left wants the security because it allows them to go slower and more methodically, which they think is more certain. But they can’t keep it forever, so something should shake out soon. Now all of that is if you believe you can use the older paradigms of common sense to judge things. I happen to have realized The Truman Show is not only not improbable, it seems to happen in real life fairly frequently, and to people of no consequence for some unknown reason. In fact, I think the movie was actually done by the elites, laughing at how stupid the masses were to not think that happens all the time in a society which spends the trillions on spook outfits to spy on our own people that we spend. So I am not so sure we can actually judge what is likely or not by that old paradigm.

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Emphasis mine. I know for an absolute fact that “people of no consequence” are frequently “Truman Showed.” The reason may partly be to laugh at us and enjoy torturing people. But the deep reason is to disable entire communities along with the vic. When young people are harmed but not killed, the harm spreads far and wide for the rest of their lives. Many people are affected. If they are simply killed, their community will rapidly seal the wound and go on with little further consequence. The same reasoning applies if the victim is older. But by middle age the vic may have a tale to tell so murder may be necessary in perps eyes. Think Vince Foster and other probable examples of people suicided in middle age.

A middle-aged person may also be harmed or drugged to discredit them. This will work better if their story is complex. No offense, but a certain attorney named Wood may be in this category. It is also true that “they” want many of us to know how dangerous it is to go against them.

Consider also the fentanyl and opium crises which work to disable not just many individuals but also their communities. The CCP is clearly using fentanyl to do this. Consider also the families or groups that pushed pain-killers for decades and the massive harm those drugs have done to so many American communities.

See this for the military aspect of the above strategies: Military thought experiment Part 1

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