Free money!

Americans earned an extra $1.1 trillion in 2020 due to stimulus checks and other pandemic aid from the federal government. We probably only spent $15 trillion to do it.  We bankrupted the Soviet Union by luring them into a spending race on defense spending. We tricked them into spending more than they could afford, bankrupted their nation, and then watched as the whole thing fell apart. I think China is doing the exact same thing to us, only they have basically got their leftist politicians in the US spending as profligately as they can, to bankrupt our treasury in the exact same way. The only difference is we will not even have military hardware and defense capability to show for it when the collapse comes. Everything, from absorbing penniless low-IQ illegals who will drain our welfare and healthcare systems, to the free money buffet for everyone else, are all part of this planned, organized program, which will end for the USA exactly how the end came for the Soviet Union, with the possible exception we will have the Chinese move in and take us over. I’m still amazed at the parallels with the Soviet Union though. China must not be able to believe how lucky they are to have such total control over our media and political machines.

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