In USA freedom is NOT something the government gives you. It is NOT a carrot the government can use to control your behavior

In USA, government’s role is to PROTECT our unalienable rights and freedoms. Correct governmental policy on covid would be to provide ALL of the BEST INFORMATION available TO the American people and FULLY leave what we do with that information UP TO US. If a US citizen wants to take an experimental vaccine, they can do so or NOT based on their own deliberations. The choice is ours not the government’s.

Here is a longer clip. I would maintain that we have gotten to this point due to governmental overreaction and wrong reactions to covid. Providing protection for the old and vulnerable while leaving everyone else to do as they thought best would have avoided lockdowns, school closures, closed beaches, etc. If young and healthy people had freely mingled at their discretion all along, we would have achieved natural herd immunity by now.

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